Thursday, September 4, 2008

All of this is ours?

Our cabin is being built in far-Northern Wisconsin, a beautiful land of pristine lakes and deep wilderness. Seasonal tourism is the basis of the area's economy and we felt an obligation to support the local businesses and buy our materials locally. So I sent my material list to both local lumber yards for quotes fully intending to buy from either one. Unfortunately, both local price quotes were more than double Menard's quote and we ended up buying from the big M. The economy of scale is truly amazing when you realize that Menards can ship materials 90 miles further at half the cost - impressive indeed.

Anyhow, our single-page spreadsheet full of materials translated into an entire flat-bed semi, which rolled down our unpaved, un-named, and un-mapped little road around noon


Jessie Silvey said...

May I ask if You had a materials list for the project? I am building something similar and wanted to compare. Awesome!


Unknown said...

I am also building A-frame for my parents in Mississippi, they have done more for me than I can write, so now it's my turn, can I please have a copy of ur material list,so I can price and order everything, thnk u for ur time and helpful blog