Sunday, September 21, 2008

Framing the A-Frame

Once the "A's" were all up, it was time to frame-up the cabin.

The first and most critical part was to install the roof decking. The roof decking is a key structural part of the A-Frame because it ties all of the rafters together and makes the structure very rigid... you may have noticed that there is no ridge beam. Only after the roof deck is on should you even think about taking down all of the support bracing.

Next was the rough-in framing of the gable ends. Saved again by help from another brother and sister-in-law with extensive building experience. These gable ends were framed so perfectly that we didn't even use one shim on any of the windows - everything was perfectly square and level! Nice work Dona & Terry!

And finally, the gable sheathing... a no-brainer for the most part, just time consuming.

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