Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Foundation

For cost and convenience, we opted for concrete pilings and box beams for our foundation. The concrete pilings are 4' deep by 12" wide and were poured in less than an hour.

The box beams are basically doubled-up 2x12s and are incredibly heavy-duty. They are bolted to the concrete pilings with 1/2 inch anchors.

We used 2x10 green-treated for the joists and capped the whole thing off with 5/8 treated plywood.

Other than some lattice, which will be installed later, we opted to leave the underside open for air-flow and to prevent moisture damage underneath the cabin.


Unknown said...

Hi there!
What a lovely project. I am just about to embark on the same journey. Was curious how many square feet yours was? Would love to pick your brain about a thing or two. Cheers. Jeff

A-Frame Guy said...

Hi Jeff,

The first floor is 24 x 24 and the upstairs is 12 x 24 giving us about 864 square feet total. It's been many years since we built the cabin, but I'm happy to try and answer any questions you have.

Regards, Garry

Jessie Silvey said...

Hey Garry
Thanks so much. Were there any changes you would have made to your original design? your specs are almost dead on with my intended dwelling, and was curious if there was anything you would have changed if you could have done it again. Thanks so much. Cheers

Nicholas Skytland said...

Hi Garry,
I'm really interested in the materials list you put together for this. I'm looking at doing a similar project. Would you be willing to share it?